It tastes better when it’s Forbidden

Tucked away in a hotel in Courtenay on Vancouver Island is a nano brewery called Forbidden Brewing Co. My dad was getting an oil change nearby and happened to hear about a brewery in a hotel around the corner. Knowing my love for driving local beer, he popped over and asked if they had any... Continue Reading →


How to name a beer: Lemon Meringue Pie Sour by Russell Brewing

The name told me what I needed to know. I reflexively shoved a can into my shopping basket without another thought. I didn't ponder whether the brewer had succeeded on other offerings (according to my palate), I didn't wonder whether I'd want a sour beer over the Canada Day long weekend, and I didn't ponder... Continue Reading →

Craft beer isn’t all black & white

But in this instance what I'd brought from Vancouver Island to the Cariboo was. 4 Mile Brewing Co of Victoria, B.C. offered up this unusual pair of IPAs that I decided simply had to come to my Cariboo retreat. The black IPA poured and drank quite stout-like. But with more bountiful hops. It formed a... Continue Reading →

My choice of Brut for NYE

I found this beauty at the Shady Rest Liquor Store in Qualicum Beach. I've been cautiously trying Brut IPAs with moderate success - about 50% good and 50% blah. Phillips Brewing is a pretty solid BC craft brewer, so I felt that I could take a gamble on this one. And boy am I glad... Continue Reading →

Oat IPA you say?

I'm getting a little fussy with my beer in my 40s, so when I'm considering taking a beer that I can only buy in 4-packs to the Cariboo, you can bet your ass I'm going to test it in the city first. And I can assure you that it never tastes the same as at... Continue Reading →

Boombox & my pale ale fixation

While you might not want to judge the proverbial book by it's cover, I always judge a brewery by it's pale ale. And that's not just because it's a relatively simple beer to make, but rather because it's my absolute favourite style. So I can judge. And I do. Thankfully 2018 is turning out to... Continue Reading →

Team #Fug for the win

I've always thought cause-beers are a good way to generate some donations while giving the people what they want. Usually I see pretty approachable beers in this category - a kellerbier, maybe a pale ale or lager. But Team #Fug, demonstrating that #FugLife isn't about doing the easy, put out a White Sangria K├Âlsch. Which... Continue Reading →

Slaying the Thirsty Dragon

I literally judge every brewery by their pale ale, so mess this up (regardless of the style of pale ale) and I'm totally going to forget about you. Although if your brewery happened to feature in my BC craft beer mini-doc Brew Love (a Telus Storyhive grant project), then I'm not likely to every forget... Continue Reading →

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