I bet Miles Davis would like this beer

I have always had a challenge enjoying the saison. There have been iterations that others enjoy that I imagine would be good for cleaning my gum boots. And then, when I'm at peak dismissiveness, there is a saison that makes me question what I've been missing. The first time was when I was at a... Continue Reading →

33EXP Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale in Northern climes

The 33 Brewing Experiment is a fairly mad genius idea: establish your brewery and max out your core offerings and then launch a side brewery for the small batch experimental stuff. Pretty unique in business and definitely unique product. I've stayed away from the more far-out sounding offerings like a buckwheat saison or coffee lager,... Continue Reading →

Red Collar IPA

Local IPA supply can be a challenge during prolonged stays in the Cariboo, which until now has never happened. My first relocation period lasted 4 weeks making restocking a touch difficult. Fortunately our local BCLDB (the size of a shoe box with a door) manages to bring in Red Collar and Klondike beer. Within the... Continue Reading →

A germane beer for the times

I wouldn't suggest that I'd spend my craft beer allowance at a local brewery that carries 3  IPAs in crowlers and come away with just one can. Our visit to Kamloops for supplies has included 2 stops at Bright Eye Brewing over 2 weeks, making this a likely lifeline for craft beer options going forward.... Continue Reading →

Big Funky Sex

No matter how rural I am right now I can always feel transported back to a time and place of blissful urbanity. Like a stroll post-pint at The Heatly to enjoy an exquisite beer from Strathcona Brewing. Oh those were the days. In normal times my Cariboo retreat is a chance to get to the... Continue Reading →

While my crowler gently leaks

A supplies run to Kamloops was made that provided a perfect opportunity to share some love with the Kamloops brewing scene. I've always been a fan of Red Collar Brewing Company, but it felt right to support something newer and less established in this great time of need. We opted to try Bright Eye Brewing... Continue Reading →

Beldame today

This is my first #Covid-19-era blog post and it seems fitting as I've left the city with a decent pile of BC craft beer, the balance of my pantry, and clothes for a couple of seasons.  I have no idea when I'm returning home - weeks or longer. I can social distance in the lower... Continue Reading →

Good cat, Bad Dog

Sometimes light reflection requires a lighter beer, and the end of 2019 brought an opportunity to bring out a can of Vancouver Island-based Bad Dog Brewing 642 Session ISA for the latest ranch visit. We had a long night ahead of ourselves, with a fireworks show for the young crowd at 8pm and a 2nd... Continue Reading →

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